Regulation Season 1 - English

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Regulation Season 1 - English

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Mini Racing Brazil 1ªT


The tournament aims to bring fun, friendship, companionship and joy to all. Not worth any real prize money or anything, just have fun and make friends, this is our main goal.

Art. 1 - The regulation will define how it will work the championship: Drivers and Constructors. Will have rules of racing days and times during the season there may be changes.


Art 2 -. The championship will be mixed (Formula, Oval (maybe) and Tourism) and teams will have until 2 pilots (each team).

I- Pilots shall is written in their respective team that should be disclosed in the topic of your team.
II- There will be originas teams (existing), every driver can edit coaches. (2010-2015)
III will be allowed only one coach for equip.
IV Pilots may edit coaches. (2010-2015)
V The pilot who, for whatever reason, then in the other direction, benefiting from being close to the boxes or not and the game does not register, shall be punished with disqualification from the race.
V The pilot who want to participate steps should any team is to get scores. Otherwise you run as a guest.
VI 'Maximum created teams will be 8 {2x8 = 16 spots}, (in season 1) .After the limit pilots who are without a team, will have to look for vacancies between 8 created.
 "If there are no jobs, the creation of a new team will be allowed.
VII it may not be only manager.


Art. 3 I- Pilots can only change team first time all season to run from the ad. If you change, leads his pilot points, but the team's points is with the team which he ran.
II- The exchange teams / trading pilots will be allowed throughout the championship.
III- The managers of the teams must always watches the Regulation and its pilots, and take care properly for your team. The Manager must be present and attentive always to the Forum.
IV The manager has the right and freedom to pack your team and punish its pilot to non-attendance at the races.
V is mandatory all drivers use the correct number and team name correctly. Failure to use one of these will result in 3s increase at the end of the time step in question.
VI The manager to fire a pilot without cause can not hire another by 2etapas.
VII-The manager is entitled to dismiss the pilot if it miss more than two races in a row.


Art. 4 - The version used is 1.12-C.

Art. 5 - The setting is as follows:

In Formula

* KERS: On 100%
* Rates: Free
* Airfoils: Free
* Traction: 100 (blocked)
* ABS: 100 (locked)
* Collisions: Disabled,
* Climate: 7 races (100% sol) 1 race (100% chance)
* Keep the strategy: Off
* Tire Wear: On
* Gasoline Consumption: On
* Allow Replenishment: On

Article 6 - Rules for the sessions.:

I) In practice, must be enabled: blocked setup (exchange and Airfoil: Free Abs and Traction 100%), consumption of gasoline and tires.

II) In the classification, must be enabled: blocked setup (Cambio and Airfoil: Free and abs and Traction 100%) ,, consumption of gasoline and tires and refueling enabled.

III) In the race must be enabled: blocked setup (Cambio and Airfoil: The set and Traction 100%) ,, simulation, consumption of gasoline and tires and refueling enabled.


Article 7 -. The schedule will consist of eight stages. The races Wednesday at 17h and 21hs and 17hs and Thursdays at 21h (Brasilia time). The dates will later be disclosed along with the official calendar in due topic.

I- There will be the possibility of the pilot choose at what time you want to run, should confirm the correct time and place, not being accepted to run at a different time than those of official way and that confirmed.

II- The lanes will be open until five minutes before each event.

Art. 8 - The schedules will be met strictly. In case of delay, the driver will be subject to the direction in which the events take (a race will not be restarted by delay any registered).

I- Occurring disconnection of any participant at the beginning of the test, ie after the classification and or even after the formation of the grid, the server can only restart the race is most riders agree.
II- The score will be validated only if the pilot is within the scores table defined in this Regulation.

Art. 9 - The average racing time is 20 to 25 minutes, so this makes the calculation of the amount of turns of each circuit. There is a small margin of error plus or less.

§ 1 - The steps of each event are divided into:

I - Practices - 20 minutes duration and the free exit of the pits. Exist only to wait for the riders enter the track; when all there are passes to the classification.

II - Classification - free out of boxes. The session will take up to 5 minutes for the classification of all participants in the group. And the pilot is entitled only 3 laps.

III - The time limit for the formation of the grid will be 3 minutes.


Art. 10 - The departure tax should control the chat in the game.

I - the period of practices, Chat can be used on a regular basis, provided that it does not interfere with other users on track.

II- In the classification no pilot can speak, only speak if you are having problems talk and mess up a pilot will be punished according to the gravity of the act.

a) The information of all that had happened during the race, they were in charge of the server and tax of evidence, and questions may be raised to participants.


Art. 11 - In the acknowledgments, will open a forum topic "Confirmations Racing" by Management and the pilot should be heading there to make your (dis) confirmation.

Art. 12 - The time limit for confirmation is up to a maximum of 16:50 (Brasília time) to the first group of -Wednesday Monday and 20.50 to the group of 21h, already in Thursday's group has at most until 16h50 ( GMT) time for the first fifth of the group, and has until 20h50 for the second farm group. After that, who will confirm 14s added to his race time.

I- Until 10 minutes before the race, a rider may disconfirm their participation in the race. Disconfirmation after this time until the official time of the group (17:00 or 21:00), will have 7 seconds added to the time for the next race which it may participate. If not disconfirm, you lose 1 point that step.
II Only the pilot or his teammate can disconfirm their presence. You can not accept any disconfirmation that is not made by the person himself or his teammate.


Art. 13 - The groups will be formed by the leaderboard, with a maximum of eight (Cool riders in each group.

I - The note will be published in the forum, always one of the moderators, no chance to be someone else to make such disclosure, unless the Administration someone indicate that function.

Art. 14 - For determining the direction of race, the driver who is stated to be different from that particular server group, will have its score and placement in the original group not receiving any kind of punishment.

Art. 15 - Participants confirmed and unable to get into your group released, can get into another group. Their times are computed with the previous one group (which should run) determined 10s increase in the total test time.


Art. 16 - The right to full score goes up by completion of at least 50% (fifty percent) of the laps of each race, consisting in the log that is displayed at the end of it. If a pilot exit the server or not complete 50% of the turns, is entitled to scoring half of the points relating to the position where you left off, provided you have completed more than 25% of the turns. If a race is terminated before 75% of it is completed, only half points will be awarded. If 3/4 have already been completed, the complete score will be awarded.

§ 1 - It is understood completely log, the one that contains the running time of all fast laps classification, fast laps of the race as far as the versions of the game used by pilots.

- With the completion of at least 50% of laps of each race, the participant will be entitled to score as art table. 17.

§ 2 - The pilot must possess to be set in a crew to enjoy the won points.

Art. 17 - There will be different scores.

I- The groups are still being formed according to the time of classification in the table ..
I. Ratings equal for both f1 clues as to tourism slopes.

III There will be "Junction Times / Results"

IV offers up so the tables of points:

Tourism / Formula> G1
1st Place - 10 points
2nd place - 8 points
3rd place - 6 points
4th Place - 5 points
5th place - 4 points
6th place - 3 points
7th place - 2 points
8 place - 1 points

G2 and Other Groups
1st Place - 8 points
2nd Place - 6 points
3rd place - 5 points
4th Place - 4 points
5th Place - 3 points
6th Place - 2 points
7 place - 1 points
8th Place - 0 points

Art. 18 - There will be no points, pole position and fastest lap.

Art. 19 - There will be no disposal this season.


- Tiebreaker criteria:

1) Best position achieved by the pilot
2) Increased number of VR
3) Increased number of poles
4) Increased number of better-won position
5) Order of winning the best position


- Penalties will be applied after analyzing the facts and testimonials from participants. Shall be governed by the code of ethics.


- The Official Notes may predetermine, regulatory, adapt and overcome every trial and or situation.

The VR and Poles

Whoever makes the pole and the VR just occurred in our league will be registered in one particular topic for this. And when you open the confirmation to this track again in the future, who will be placed to date has the best time at that track in the MRB.


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